Play For Yourself to Prove Yourself

Technique and confidence will leave a mark on the court. I'm not a great basketball player, i can't dunk, i can't go coast to coast with the ball, and i can barely make an open lay-up. What can i do on the court? Defense & Rebounds. (and an occasional put-back, post, pull up, or open bucket) Today when i arrived at the court wearing my knee brace and green "Cute" TNMT woot shirt I couldn't help but feel a prejudgement casted upon me. (This guy walking over to that guy giggling and whispering words in which i could pick out "shirt" and "cute")

No one said a word to me, I had to ask who had next and if i could run with them. That's ok, i let my game do my talking. I went from the guy they joked about to the guy they asked to run with them. We never won but I never gave up. I ended up guarding the Big (aka 6'5" 290lbs). No one is there to hurt anyone, we're all there for fun competition. I played my game and i earned the respect of the court, while i was heading out i received good games and invites to return. So Remember, throw your pride aside and let them talk, work as a team, be confident in your technique, Move the Ball, Box Out, and Hands up and you WILL leave a mark on the court.

& If you don't have confidence or technique, well..... fire the S.O.S. "HELP!" Flare before you become a mark on the court.

Today marked a great victory for all men casted to the side.


Mac OBryan said...

basketball is all about confidence, and theres some games where my mind isnt in the game on offense and i defer, but i never give up on D.

the quickest way for new ballers to earn respect is to play hard on defense.

i feel like i can play with vianney and vincent against strangers and i'd have a good chance of winning because of how hard they play on defense. the offensive skill will come with time. a team can win with 2/5 guys on offense, but it cannot win with huge defensive holes.

even my brother who is not yet good at defense earns my respect for trying to box out Jon. CRAZY.

by the way, everyone has a special value that's unique to them. Jon can stop a 1v3 fast break by jumping in the passing lane and stealing. he does it at least two times a game.

v-man said...

Thanks Mac.

And nice job out there Frosty!