i need new pants

You might've heard me talking about a great movie called "RED"
Here's one of the MANY reasons why you should check it out.

One of the greatest car shooting stunts i've ever seen and it's so simple
"RED" on DVD now, so watch it!!!

Oh, and i stumbled upon this trailer. Surprisingly interesting movie with OG Actor Harrison Ford =D!!! and 007. I didn't get the trailer at all so i guess i have to watch it in theaters ;P

"I wish gas prices were as low as my GPA" -P.Tuazon(Facebook)


v-man said...

Based on the title cowboys vs. aliens, i totally did not want to see the movie. Then i saw the big names, the awesome trailer, and i said to myself: hmmm, this movie might be amazing!

Mac OBryan said...

Battle: Las Vegas lol

that bruce willis clip was badass. a rifle is a weapon, but a pistol is an extension of the body. wooo

by the way i didnt know he was left handed