New Segments Coming Soon

I've had random ideas for new segments and I'm putting it down here so I won't forget

You Know What Grinds My Gears? (my ranting about different subjects like things on driving, firearm inaccuracies in movies, annoying things kids do)

Mac's Infatuations (stuff that tickles my fancy and people that leave an imprint on how I view life: teachers, soldiers, theory of evolution, theory of relativity)

Childhood MacNuggets (random nuggets of stuff that make me nostalgic. Also, don't you remember how much better macnuggets tasted back when we were kids? Now McDs Nuggets have all white meat ... pshhh... give me my tasty dark mystery meat!)

I will leave you with one Childhood MacNugget:

This movie was so amazing for the time with ridiculous CGI for 1993. The effects of this movie are advanced that I can show some children this movie and they will think it was made this year. This movie will never feel outdated (along with Terminator 2-1993 and The Rock-1996). I've seen Jurassic Park a couple times, but haven't seen Jurassic Park in at least five to ten years. However I remember the first time seeing it at the movie theaters and the part where this song plays with the bronchiosaurus is seared into my brain.

@ 0:48 the professor and the old man and the lady step out of their car and see a bunch of little dinosaurs moving around
@ 1:27 they see a giant bronchiosaurus in front of them
@ 1:46 the bronchiosaurus roars and gets on its hind legs and eats off the top of a tree
@ 1:51, the climax of the song, the bronchiosaurus lands back on its front legs and shakes the entire ground with a loud boom

You know today's kids and teens have this whole vampire thing going on. For me, it was dinosaurs. I remember seeing dinosaur stuff everywhere in book stores. I'm pretty sure they dont have even ten percent of dinosaur books for kids now as they do back then. I dont know what was going on in the early 90s cause I was a kid, but my guess is that there was probably some huge discoveries of fossils in the Montana area in the 90s, I remember hearing about a teacher saying something like that. Those discoveries probably started the craze. Sorta like how that tiny submarine that explored the Titanic's ruins inspired the movie and I remember an explosion of Titanic books for kids at bookstores.

I leave you with one awesome clip that made me laugh


Willy Bob said...

While you were obsessed with dinosaurs, I was obsessed with Winnie the Pooh. lol Not so much anymore...

Can't wait for your new material!

J.Frosty said...

J.Park: IT WAS ON TV YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i was laughing hard the first time i saw that on TV

I still think that JP factory near your house is a dino warehouse....

v-man said...

Macnuggets: definitely copyright it!

Cecilia said...

I'll be looking forward to your new segments.

Thank you for bringing back Jurassic Park! Although dinos weren't my biggest thing, I still enjoyed them. Now that I think about it, I think the series Land Before Time was what got me interested in dinos. Jurassic Park was too realistic and scary for five year old me haha.

These poor kids nowadays don't what they're missing out on lol.