'help' really helps

Timbaland is the only person who can make me say:
AAAAAAAAAa Yeah Miley Cyrus!"

Shock Value II is all quality.

So today i was spared judgment by the gods. I'm currently taking a robotics class.. Basically what we do is program a Roomba looking robot to go through mazes, pretty fun. But i'm in front of a computer the entire span of class so... my productivity quickly drops to 0.0001%. I do a lot! but none of it has to do with the class. I always end up reading about current events, sports, and random subjects like what a "Tandem Rotor System" is. Sometimes i leave half an hour early, i know, i'm an awesome student. Anyways, today was our final... all that ran through my mind was... "nice job, now you will fail". We were given 15 minutes to prep so i scrambled to try to do something. Opened up the program we used and went straight to the support topics under 'help'. Long story short I got extremely lucky. Praise the Lort! Hallelu-yer!!

now i need to write up a journal, which i was suppose to be keeping throughout the quarter =X.

PWNED by Lent: Day 11

Cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Had some shrimp for lunch too. I WANT SOME SODA. I can't wait for the BBQ! Meat, Soda, & Sweets! 18 days.

Stay Frosty

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