I can't find Wall-E ...Come back to me Wall-E! I'll never hurt you again i swear it!!!

Another awesome day at school =]. Teacher gave me an extension on my play critique, which was due today, because I wont see the play till Saturday. Kobe!

Made a pretty awesome snackwich. Small dinner roll + Boiled Egg + Cheese = ooooeygooey good times. I wrapped the egg in two slices of cheese. Threw this in the toaster hoping it'd come out alright. But, it didn't come out alright, it came out AMAZING! When i looked the toaster there was cheese falling off the sandwich. I mashed it down so that cheese came out the sides. I'm making another one tmrw =]

MOMENT OF THE DAY: During my morning run I saw a cat crossing the street run/jump over an oncoming car like in a movie. The car was going maybe 5mph, but still! It just made it seem like slow motion! Most EPIC moment ever!

PWNED by Lent: Day 12

Banana before run. Cereal after. Egg Snackwich for Lunch. Shrimp fried rice from Banh Mi Che Cali (Valley and 7th in LA with VSA) for dinner. I thought i'd go crazy giving up meat but, the things i'd do for soda right now. I'm sure it's illegal in some states =x. 17 days until we Feast.

Stay Frosty.


Anonymous said...

omg! you could always get the egg banh mi from che cali!! i always get it! it's my favorite =D

v-man said...

geez, your stuff seems tasty. Keep up the good work.