I'm Hit!

PWNED by Lent: Day 5

Waffles, Honey Bunches of Oats, Cheese, Chips, & Salsa. These are the keys to becoming a man!Funny story, moms didn't boil an egg but left it in the pot, i thought it was boiled so when i rolled it on the counter to break the shell (cause that's how I do it)...Boom, Egg Grenade, MEDIC! I actually yelled this out. I was hit bad, Joy -_-. But, this got me wanting a boiled egg, so that's what i had, yum.

Didn't buy any bananas so I didn't eat a banana today. The monkey inside is raging. Uh Oh. Veinte quatro mas dias.

Stay Frosty


Anh Di said...

HAH. new post title: Pwned by Lent & Mom

v-man said...

Keep up the commitment (but not the egg cracking!)