Bored of MW2

I wouldn't say bored bored. I can still pick up the controller and play 30 minutes at a time. But I'm not into it as much anymore. As soon as my brother gives me the green light, I'm putting the game up on ebay.

Before I sell it, I'm going to do a review. I give Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 a score of 3.5 out of 5. Yes I know the rating is a bit low, but it's based on my demand for a good story line and realism.


graphics are amazing. you can now see through the grass while sniping. New assortment of guns, but I liked the guns from MW1 more. They added recoil to the desert eagle, no more laming for andrew! New killstreak rewards (AC130, nuke, etc) are interesting.


They added the .44 magnum which has no recoil. It in effect has become the new desert eagle. (you need to see andrew use it to see how lame the no-recoil is)

The downside to the killsteak rewards is that it's capitalism at it's worst. the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I don't like inflated kill ratios. Actually if you think about it, this style of play is bizarro-socialism. The government gives freebies to the rich at the expense of the poor. Magnificent. Seriously though, the good don't need anymore help and unfair advantages. I'm not saying this because I suck, it's just that it took me a long time to become above average and the learning process SUCKED. I'm sure Andy will agree with me. He just recently went from newb to average, the learning process must have sucked for him.

The single player for this game sucked. SUCKED. It was too short (5 hours?) and nothing was memorable, compared to Modern Warfare 1. In MW1, I think I played some missions at least 3 times. In MW2, before you can become attached to one character, he will die. By the end of the game, you don't even care who lives anymore.

The game is not realistic. I'm going to list all the ways I can think of: The running and knifing class is way too fast. by the time i can hear them behind me on my surround sound speakers, it's too late. or if they're using Ninja perk, I can't hear them at all. Stupid idiots like Andrew who play like that piss me off. In my opinion, the knifing is the worst most unrealistic thing they put into Call of Duty. (he survives a blast from a shotgun and kills me in one stab? really?)

The lack of recoil is also ridiculous. Chris and I have shot an automatic M4, the recoil isn't punishing but it's more than you think. I can't shoot more than 3-5 without going off target. Yet in CoD it recoils like a BB gun. You can put all 30 bullets full auto into a target from 50 yards away!


Rather than bitch about the game (it's overall very good), I'm going to bitch about the genre. Call of Duty is like NBA Jam. Unrealistic dunks from 3 point line, and once a guy scores three in a row, he's on fire and you can't stop him. he will shoot 3 pointers from half court and make all of them (AC130 anyone?). I am more into NBA Live: a game that's more realistic and requires all 5 players to do well. So I need a new FPS.

I just need something to hold me off until March 30th, when I will forsake all shooting games for a month because Gran Turismo 5 comes out!


Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

"By the end of the game, you don't even care who lives anymore." very true lol, except for price, but we all know he can't die lol

and i'm bringing BF:Bad Company 2 man. it's amazing! i haven't finished single player yet but the multi is kumquatlicious.

Willy Bob said...

Gran Turismo 5 is gonna be boneriffic! I've been playing the prologue for the past 2 years. lol

Anh Di said...

haha did you come up with these conclusions while playing for hours on wed?

I'm still in the learning/getting-owned process

I'm still new to shooters so I don't have high standards. I'm still loving MW2.

The fact that I suck is what is making it addicting; I have competition.

(the reason why andrew still likes it is cuz he's a dbag and likes to own people)

Yes, a knife vs gun (esp shotgun) seems unfair, but I'm sure andrew practiced with that knife a lot to get that good.

and at least the magnun's weren't as cheap/unrealistic as the models were (which was patched/fixed)

and while you and John will be playing BF upstairs, Andrew and I will be playing MW2 downstairs haha