PWNED by Lent: Day 4

Same breakfast: two waffles and a banana, yum. Got back from class and made myself some fried rice and then, the unthinkable happened. There was only one banana left! Fml. I had a serious decision making moment of whether i'd enjoy it with lunch or dinner. I decided dinner but then... well the monkey overruled & I ate the last banana, at about 3, fk... Well i've moved to apples =X. They are... meh and only a temporary fix.

No banana for dinner =[, the monkey is so sad lol. In other news, SATAN continues to be my Anti-Lent by randomly discovering meat to bring in the house... "Here's a pack of sliced pastrami"............. GOOD TRY DEMONIO!!! 25 more days.

Stay Frosty.


Willy Bob said...

These delicious waffles you talk about...homemade or toaster status?

P.s. - Apples w/ peanut butter aren't a bad snack. lol

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

2 minute holiness, aka toaster. I don't have a waffle iron =[

and i'm not a huge fan of pb. i mean, i love it...lol, but my apples will stay healthy =P

i'm gonna go buy some bananas tmrw.