PWNED by Lent: Day 3

I think i had eight snack size bags of chips today, nom nom nom =X. I definitely have to work on that. Had 2 waffles and a banana for breakfast. Crackers and dip for lunch and half a Spinach Stromboli from Sbarro's and another banana for dinner. Not eating meat is turning me into a banana craving monkey.

& There's a container filled with ham inside the fridge... Satan is trying to crack me. 26 more days.

Stay Frosty


Willy Bob said...

keep it up son.

Mac OBryan said...

you need to plan meals before you get hungry. or else you'll go through the chips.

thats why i also gave up chips for lent. god... i'm so hungry...

i've been going through cans of beans and tuna.

Anonymous said...

LOL this is so entertaining.
bananas are one of my favorite fruits!