Get Owned Son! + PbL

Turns out it was my forgetful mother's fault that the GPS went missing, because we found it. She tries to blame the cable guy still, "They must have moved it," under her breath. YEAH, SURE...

PWNED by Lent: Day 2
Giving up meat wasn't really hard until dinner when my mom chooses to make short ribs and display them so nicely on the counter top. YOU WILL NOT TEMP ME SATAN! So I ate some more seafood chao and a banana.

I also stood in my kitchen staring down a bottle of soda resisting the urge to drink it.

On the bright side, for once since this journey began, I'm ready to enjoy some fruits of my labor. BF: Bad Company 2, the reason I can't eat meat or sushi or go to 7-Eleven, comes out tomorrow. Hopefully this will keep me 'full'. 27 more days.

Stay Frosty


Anh Di said...

I got meat that'll make you give up bad company forever.

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

haha bad company? that's too bad cause i'm only looking for a good time.