PWNED by Lent: Day 7

I AM OUT OF WAFFLES...i cried as i ate the last Waffles for breakfast, had to cheer myself up with a banana. Some sweet tea & maybe 10 fries from mcdonalds for lunch. Amazing catfish, tilapia, greenbeans, & rice for dinner. Props to Chef Mac and
Sous Chef ND. Next time we have some baked catfish =]. Destroying a Banana as i write this, i have to admit i haven't eaten this many bananas ever! I use to eat one or two a week, but now it's one or two a day. Getting really easy to not eat meat, i really hope it stays this way. 22

Stay Frosty

Add-On by Mac:

This is what happens when Mac and Frosty give up meat for Lent, we make a feast of fish. For one night, we were C.I.A. Chefs in Arms. Thank you to Andy for doing the sous-chef work like washing the green beans, and ripping off the ends.

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Anonymous said...

hahahhah you guys are my heroes.