end of week recap


Got my shox and headset. they're both awesome!


CSULA VSA Hike at Chantry Flats. Started at 10 and got home by 2, real fun and easy hike. Definitely gonna do this hike more often. Then kicked it with my cousins Gordon and Alex. Alex asked me to roll sushi for them, i didn't have the heart to tell them i gave it up for Lent so I rolled sushi for them and i ate rice. I was sooooooo ready to eat sushi, but I couldn't think of anything to put on the list lol. After dinner we watched 'The Crazies' at the Santa Anita Mall. It's a pretty entertaining movie, although i didn't expect it to be a zombie movie.


Played ball in the morning before the rain, we got lucky enough to have the gap of rain be when we went to play. It was a cloudy day but because it wasn't raining it was a beautiful day lol. Then we played a bunch of video games (ND you got work to do lmao). Far from ready, ND and Andrew challenged Mac and I to a game of NBA Live but they failed miserably, they lack the ability to use the entire team as well as adapt to the other team. So Mac and I dominated with the final score of 2-1, yea we only played 3 games but each games was +24 minutes. You can't get through the KG/Wallace lockdown! Had an awesome dinner and found out that buying Tilapia at the supermarket and having it deep fried(Total - $2.60) is cheaper than Mcdonalds (Filet'o'fish - $3.09)... LUNCH AT THE SUPERMARKET NEXT WEEK!


Thieu Nhi in the morning. On the way to thieu nhi this morning i couldn't help but stare at the mountains covered in snow. It was a sight to see! Today's weather was absolutely perfect, my favorite. Some said it was too cold. They just don't understand that you're allowed to hug people to stay warm =]. BEAR HUG! Mass in the afternoon. Good weekend. Class tmrw...................

PWNED by Lent: Day 8

Had to eat spaghetti with out spaghetti sauce at Thieu Nhi today. Ended up using some italian salad dressing instead...not bad...well definitely better than just noodles. I really wanted some spaghetti sauce, it looked ridiculously good with the chopped up peppers and ground beef, droooooooooooooool. Worst part was that i was the one plating all the spaghetti. One by one I put the spaghetti on each plate, i was ready to go Buddhist =X. Banana in the morning & dinner. Had some chips and salsa for dinner too. 21 more days.

Stay Frosty

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Mac OBryan said...

my dinner today: brocolli and eggs and rice and fresh fries from Tommy's.

Man I never thought I would ever miss fat-free chicken white meat this much...