It was Tuesday right?

Yesterday after class, I found myself spending my time as if it were the weekend. Gov'na Tonster was in town so he took me out for lunch, Yum. But first we went to some stores to pick up some stuff. Stopped by Big Lots, found nothing. Then we headed to Target, a store full of heart break: "GIADA YOU'RE CHEATING ON ME WITH A SPATULA!? *Backhand* Why'd you make me hit you girl!?", as well as awesome stuff.

Only $8! I know I know, pretty epic =].

"Let's Eat" Headed to the always delicious Hon Sushi for a meal to remember. Tonster is a beast and can amazingly put away as much food as i can, Hooray! I've found my new eating partner! Between the two of us we easily munched through 10 rolls. "If you're down, I'm down" kept us going strong. If we hadn't planned on eating something later with Mac we probably could've ate a couple more. Thanks for the meal Tonster!

Sorry, this is the only picture you get.
Too busy beasting to take anymore.

The night was young, so we dropped by TheLooseTeas to get our drink on but they were closed =[. So we just headed up to Rowland Heights to hang out with Mac, Thanks to Caesar Chavez I had no class Wednesday. Anyways, got to Mac's but he went to mass..."What day is it? It's not Sunday right?" So me n Tonster went to grab some boba, Boba lady lost a point for not speaking English, our green tea tasted like jasmine milk tea. "I'M SORRY I CHEATED ON YOU, I'LL NEVER WRONG YOU AGAIN!" to TheLooseTeas. Got back to Mac's and watched an episode from 'The Office' (new Ringtone =]), a video of a racist who wants to create an All-American "whites only" basketball league, & some Tosh 2.0. Pigged out at The Garden and came up with a convenient new way to tip. party till about 3 then some Zzzz.

"Tips on you"
j/k! we left some green for them =]

What a Tuesday. Thanks for driving Tonster.
Stay Frosty.

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Willy Bob said...

where are the pics of the tearing? lol jk