Nice Guys Finish Last: He Said She Said

Have you ever heard a girl say "I just want to be with a nice guy who cares about me" and end up seeing her with what you would consider a douchebag? Don't get your undies in a jumble because she's actually not lying and really means it. Your definition of a nice guy is probably different from her's...and let me tell you that your version of a nice guy would finish last!

When you fellas think of a "nice guy", you probably think of a guy who is selfless and would do anything for that special girl. Only problem here is that this "nice guy" comes off too available and accommodating, which makes him appear insecure, desperate and needy for the girl's attention. If you're doing and giving everything without her doing or giving anything, how does that make you look? That's a doormat to be trampled on. lol

A girl's perspective of a "nice guy" does NOT mean one who:
- is nervous and shy around people
- lacks social skills (no game = no bueno)
- calls or wants to hang out all the time (being clingy doesn't allow time for her to miss you)
- accepts all demands from her (appears submissive and weak)
- is always asking her what she wants (instead of you being a man and taking the lead at times)

What she DOES refer to is a guy that:
- is confident in front of girls and other guys
- knows how to flirt (gotta be smooth!)
- enjoys time with the girl, but also has time for himself and his goals
- is funny without being over the top

You can be a nice guy to just need to know how to interact and attract them. A guy who is emotionally strong (although physically wouldn't be bad either ;D) and confident is definitely desirable. Sure the guy that Juanita is with is a douchebag, but I bet he is more confident and outgoing compared to that "nice guy".

-Willy Bob


Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

Juanita... how could you!? lol. & perfect usage of the pic.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Straight on target Willy-Bob! So sexy!

Mac OBryan said...

My Got. Now I sea the lite!