Warning, Adult Content.

Sooooooooooooo...I Cannot wait for Saturday. I love going to the range, but there's nothing like going to the range with some friends! As i talked to Willy Bob about saturday, B asked "What would you do if you got robbed at night?". Well Willy B and I came up with a pretty interesting idea. "Sleep prepared. Always sleep with my shirt'n'tie and bp vest, so i guess all i need is to throw on some red silk for some style points. (Tie and Silk Vest for $15 at The Men's Warehouse!!! We'll rock these someday Mac.) The guy would wtf himself and bolt. & NO PANTS, that's what he's expecting.." lol... good stuff.

"Chuc mung nam moi mf!"
Picture by Jon
Concept by Willy Bob

Hope that got you guys as excited as I am.
Stay Frosty


Willy Bob said...

Don't forget to add another element of surprise and flick some nuoc mam on that fool! lolll

Mac OBryan said...