Random Pix

Finally uploaded some old photos (christmas) from the DSLR onto the computer and found a few i wanted to show here.

1) Huynh Truong with Santa Clause. I wasn't there at the time of the picture, so I inserted myself with another picture from that same week.

2) Ultra Douchebag pose from New Year's Eve.

3) Tifa sneaking up on a little sparrow. Camouflage win!

4) Andrew in an 18-person server, and at 32-0 he has more kills than anyone else COMBINED. RIDIC! Look at Andy holding on to his coat tails to victory at a measly 4-5.


Quyen (Nhi) said...

dude did bryan get photoshopped into that first one? heh

Lisa said...

When are you going to upload your version of new years?! I'd love to see them. lol

Gen. Fee-Lahm said...

LOL, nice picture choice for 1 bryan lol, couldn't use something a little more usual rofl.

I'm getting good at my douche model face.

Tifa's pic seems like it'd be epic

Poor Kid andi lol.

401k said...

Hey I have an idea... since Nhi wasn't there that day why don't you photoshop her into there too lol.