So i went to the Animal Shelter today to adopt me a Husky after i got the OK from my dad. I was SOOOOOOOOO excited, couldn't sleep last night cause i just couldn't wait. I've wanted a Husky since i saw "Balto" as a little kid, they are the most awesome dogs and i feel they are a great representation of my personality. We'd be the bestest friends in the whole world! (I know i sound like a little kid) Unfortunately my heart was broken three times. The first Husky, dubbed "Rocky" by the girls, was an over aggressive dog. The second Husky was a lost dog, so I'll be notified if the owner is not contacted. The third & original Husky, was put down for biting someone...

So, i left the house ready to come home with a new friend but i came home with only a broken heart =[

*tears of pain & loneliness*
Maybe some good news tmrw?

Stay Frosty.


Mac OBryan said...

I remember going to the dog pound 3 times a week when I was looking for a dog. Also couldn't sleep the night before I could pick up Tifa.

v-man said...

hope u find a good dog!