A Lesson About Palm Sunday

Did you know that Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey (a beast of burden), rather than a war horse? This reminds us that Jesus came to lead by service to others, rather than becoming a leader through conquest.

If Palm Sunday happened in modern times, Jesus would not use this vehicle:


but rather he would use a vehicle made for service:

Historians tell us that Jesus was Jewish. But in light of these realizations, I think Jesus was a deeper sort of man. A thrifty man. Indeed, he perhaps may have been a JuMex man.


Vinchenzo said...

That truck really describes Jesus (kinda).
His occupation was a carpenter in the countryside so he was a very poor handyman.
so i think that truck suits him.
tee hee.

J.Frosty said...

lol, a jumex man indeed!!!!

Willy Bob said...

LOL this is an awesome post and realization!