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American media is occupied with news from Japan and the Middle East, but I read through everything and the news that surprises me most is news from Mexico. I cannot believe that such corruption exists in a neighboring country. The media makes Mexico look like a shithole. Maybe it is, but the point is that Mexico needs our help, not our disdain. There is a problem if the best and brightest of Mexico leave, because nothing can ever improve. Example:

Remember that 20 year old girl that became chief of police in a Mexican town? Appears that a few weeks ago she quit her job and applied for asylum in the US. The death threats probably hit home too hard. According to the video below, more than half of the officers in the town are women, and the weapons bank at the police station has only two guns. I respect the cops in that town for having faith that their situation can change. Their model is promoting a sense of community through service. It's brave because it encourages them to walk outside their home without fear. It's also the way Jesus would want it, to turn the other cheek. As much as I respect them, I have to disagree. You know my strategy, I wouldn't run that town without an attack helicopter.


Quick commentary on illegal aliens and border security:
I think anyone who is already here can stay, but with no chance at citizenship. And if any of them ever commits a felony, they are deported. Anyone who wants to give illegal immigrants a route to citizenship while preventing new illegals from coming is not being realistic. This knowledge will only encourage more Mexicans to try to cross the border. I would guess that 95% of Mexicans who cross the border are good people, so I have nothing against them. But I don't think their lives will be better here than in Mexico because they have the language barrier and minuscule jobs. But the 5% of gangsters and drug traffickers that do get through will fuck up our country. Which is why border security needs to be amped up. Although I would like more security, it probably won't really work unless there's heavy consequences for trespassing, but then that goes against my sense of justice and compassion. Man this is complicated...

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J.Frosty said...

i'll tell you what Mexico needs, a tsunami. I'm going to hell...

I agree with mac, except i'd like to add that if an illegal immigrant commits a felony or crime, HIS (ILLEGAL) FAMILY be deported as well, that'll make him think twice about breaking the law. There like what? an average of 3-10 people per illegal family? so that's like up to 10 birds with one stone!