GmG - Don't Compare

You know what grinds my gears? When parents compare you to your friends. It's okay for parents to want to you be better at something, but please use a blueprint in your head, don't pull it out of thin air just because you see another person you like.

My mom tells me have more manners like Khoa. I like Khoa, don't get me wrong. I DO wish I could be as well mannered as him and could speak better Vietnamese and approach adults better. He's a good guy. I just don't like that my mom tells me I should be more like that when she clearly has never told me what to do before until a model citizen comes along.

I said "yes mom I'll try to be better". But really I thought how I could counter the parent's comparisons. I could douche it up and tell my mom "hey why can't you be funny like Jon's mom?" or "hey why can't you cook better like Vincent's mom?".

Guys, let's not do this to our kids in the future.


Willy Bob said...

Even though my parents haven't compared me to anyone, I could imagine how disheartening to is to hear that from them. It's one thing to suggest specific improvements, but its another story when you're being compared to someone else. You would've definitely silenced your mom had you mentioned those douche lines. lol Keep your head high Mac! We love you for you!

Khorn said...

My parents give me similar talk like that at home especially with my career. I get the "Why don't you become a Pharmacist" talk and usually compare my brothers and I to this other family at church. It is quite annoying. One time I got my dad really mad, because my mom kept on mentioning about how it's easier to get a job with the degree. My dad is the quiet one and my mom usually stir the pot.

J.Frosty said...

lmao. you don't want your mom to be anything like my mom =P