GmG - Vietnamese Weddings

It's another edition of "What Really Grinds My Gears" starring Vietnamese Weddings!

Now before you accuse me of hating myself, I would like to say that overall I love Vietnamese culture and people. I only dislike small fragments, like the gossipy women. In the same regard, OVERALL I really like Vietnamese weddings. I love the traditions: I like the elaborate engagement ceremony with the huge roasted pig, the woman looks beautiful in an ao dai, the guy's blue ao dai adds to his persona (making him look either more badass or more intelligent), I like enjoying "non-soft" beverages while shouting "Dô!" (Yo), the people generously give money to the new couple, and most of all the seven course meal will destroy American food anyday errday.

But for the love of God can we please do something about the Vietnamese bands? Their performances themselves aren't annoying but it's their whole presentation throughout the night. Why is the music so damn loud?! At American weddings it's loud, but I can still hear the guy next to me without shouting. Also, American bands take a break and only play live music, so theres at least moments of silence. When Vietnamese bands take a break, they put on a CD so the music never gives my bloodied ears a rest. Another thing, they need to adjust their microphone input levels. When someone sings, you can't tell if they're good or not, because the mic is too low and their voice is overpowered. I would assume this is why Vietnamese people like to sing at weddings, because even if they are below average, they know the music will cover their amount of suck.

One more thing, Viet/English dual-language MCs are either hit or miss. Some are really good, like Bac Duoc or Lisa's dad. But some of them... ay yay yay... *facepalm* all I need to say is that if my guy sucks on my wedding reception I'm firing him on the spot and taking over.

"Chúc Mừng CHÚC MỪNG!" is what I'd say to my wife as MC.


J.Frosty said...

Don't worry Mac, I'll mc/sing at your wedding for you.

Mother Russia said...

Don't worry Mac, if Frosty fails, I'll put on "Lady in Red" and other 80s classic songs for you and your new bride to be.

Mac OBryan said...

lol cant wait