How did I miss this Internet meme?

Apparently in May-June of 2010, there was a meme called "Guile's theme goes with everything". Which means that if you play the theme song of Guile from Street Fighter, it can match with nearly every video. Last night I was reminiscing of old video game songs, and so I typed in stuff like Sonic, Streets of Rage, and literally typed in "Guile's Theme" because he has my favorite stage background and music from Street Fighter 2. At first I thought these videos was a joke but then I realized how amazing the song goes with the everything! Here are my top picks

Since SF is a fighting game, its obvious that Guile's theme goes with other fighting scenes. In this scene, Rambo has a Sonic Boom machine gun.

Similar to fighting is dancing, which also has a fast beat. So the song also fits. Example:

It also works in tense thinking situations due to its upbeat nature. Example:

But what about something random, like TV show intros? I saw videos with Friends and Full House which were really funny, but this one takes the cake.

Guile plus Chuck Norris is so American ! AMMURICCA !


Mother Russia said...

I'm glad someone else besides Frosty and myself remember Streets of Rage haha

My favorite video out of the bunch you picked goes to the Maury one. It's such a winning song for his dance. VICTORYYYY!!! hahahah

J.Frosty said...

Streets of Rage is OG Gaming.

Video 2: LMFAO. Pwned!
Video 3: Made me miss Sean Connery

That theme is epic! i feel like i should have that loaded on my phone or something just to have it handy at all times!

Remember, if being overwhelmed by enemies, call in the random ass car that always drives to the same spot but never stays and can hit enemies inside a building!