Yesterday I went to a massage spa...

and there was a weird moment when the pretty secretary asked me if I preferred male or female for the massage. I think I hesitated for a second before saying male. My friend who recommended me to this place said to get a guy because they can work out the knots better. What she didn't tell me is that it freakin hurts alot while they do it. Man this guy put his whole weight on his elbows and drove them into my back. But I felt this ridiculous grinding of knots in the deep muscles that I didn't know existed. It felt like breaking up concrete clots.

But anyway, I feel great today. I can stretch in any direction without a sharp pain where my knots used to be, and I feel more flexible. It was only $20 an hour for a full body massage, what a steal! Highly recommended. I made a same day appointment, but walk ins are allowed.

Venus Cosmetic & Health Spa

15496 Magnolia St
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 934-6666


J.Frosty said...

they would've surprised you with a butch lol.

Willy Bob said...

20 is definitely a steal! I got one recently for 40 bucks o_O

Mac OBryan said...

I always thought 40 was a fair going rate, which is why I know 20 is a steal :-)