Forever Young

With my previous post about my body starting to go downhill, I realize physical youth is to be treasured, but it's not the only thing that matters. You know the people who smile more and laugh more? You can point them out easily because they're young at heart. They still enjoy the little things in life. They've taught me that being mature doesn't mean you have to be serious. I want to be a Phil Dunphy when I grow up (except with better jokes).

I really do hope that I still love my hobbies as a 75 year old man. I want to always get that "hell yeah" when I switch gears at red line, the adrenaline rush when I run the fast break down the court, the thrill of the recoil sending shockwaves through my body and the little smirk I get when I see a .45 inch hole in the bullseye.

There's a difference between getting tired of something because you've grown old at heart, and giving up something voluntarily. I've always wanted a two seater car, but it's not practical with me being in Thieu Nhi and living with my family. I like having fun, but not at the expense of others. So I've decided that my compromise is to drive a fuel efficient car and have a motorcycle. Motorcycles are awesome. They give a better adrenaline rush than a convertible, and have better fuel efficiency than a Civic. It kills two birds with one stone! Yes motorcycles are dangerous. How very selfish of me to put my life in danger for a thrill you may ask? Everyone dies, yet not everyone lives. Besides, I'm going to give up the motorcycle when I have children. Like I said, I like having fun but not at the expense of those who depend on me.

This is why I'm gonna love my 20s. With nothing holding me down, I'm going to do whatever I want however I want. I do want to be a family man someday, but first I want to travel the world to save lives as a doctor and convert the hopeless and downtrodden everywhere I go. And when I get that ball'n'chain and give up the things I love, it'll be because I love something more, not because I've grown old at heart :-)

The people who make mid-life crisis purchases do so because they were too quick to grow up, and they want to regain their wasted youth. Ballers, let's not make that mistake of wasting the best times of our lives. Carpe Diem. Seize The Day. Hãy Bắt Ngày.

Mmmm.... motorcycle....


J.Frosty said...

this is a jumex special on how to save money, buy a motorcycle so you never have to give rides.

let's become cops and ride in the same car!!!

Mac OBryan said...

frosty and mac in a squad car = getting paid for carrying guns and laughing all day