Back Inversion Table

I'm aging and I can tell. Knots never caused stiffness in my back until I was like 22 years old. I have soreness in my legs the day after I play basketball. And now my lower back is being quirky. Its not pain, but I just don't feel comfortable. After going to the gym and doing some lifts (which include squats) I felt a lot of compression on my back. Like I said, it wasn't pain but just an annoying feeling. I lied down on my memory foam bed for a while and I could feel the release of tension, but I was like... it's gonna take forever for my vertebrae to decompress.

And then I remembered about products like this. It uses gravity to decompress your back. After checking reviews on amazon, nearly every brand and model got at least 4.5 stars out of 5, which means that the product works regardless of who makes it. I was gonna buy through Amazon ($100) but I checked Big 5's ad and they have one for $90, so I got it from them yesterday.

I tried it out for a few minutes and other than not being used to having blood flow to the head, it was really comfortable. My dad also tried it out and thought it was cool. This thing also doubles as a workout machine (and possibly sex equipment? lol). I also did some crunches and it felt so easy because there was no pain on the tailbone, since I was inverted like 70 degrees and there was no pressure on my lower back. Out of a possible 17 thumbs up, I give this product 14.5 thumbs up. Very naiice.


Willy Bob said...

Looks like you need a coming out party for that! I wanna try :D

J.Frosty said...

lmao. we all want to try, for different reasons ;).

you need a decompression chamber, ba dum psh.

Mother Russia said...

agreed, I want to try this too! I nominate the next party/hangout to be at Mac's house! :)