Childhood MacNugget: WWF

Yes, professional wrestling is fake. The storylines can be stupid, and so are the fake punches.

However many of the wrestlers are good actors. Pro wrestling needs good acting, which is why boring personalities will never be legendary (example John Cena). Also, since Stone Cold and the ROCK left, they've wanted to change their image and be a positive role model for kids, which makes for boring lame stories. Wrestling is always more fun when theres a super bad guy that breaks kids hearts. I remember watching kids cry on TV when Hulk Hogan turned heel (became a bad guy, opposite of face). Professional wrestling now just sucks.

Sunday night was Wrestlemania, which I'm going to watch with my friend David next week. Its worth watching for two reasons. 1) John Cena may turn heel. I dislike John Cena because he went from having a rapper gimmick to a Marine gimmick. Both gimmicks are lame. And he makes kids do stupid things like "you cant see me". If you know the results please don't spoil it for me in the comments. Reason 2) The moves may be choreographed, but the pain is real. You will always see crazy stuff happen at Wrestlemania. I love it when the crowd goes 'Holy Shit Holy Shit'

See if the pain in these clips is fake or real

Disclaimer: I do not condone violence. In fact, I believe everything on TV should be wholesome. Instead of Jersey Shore, MTV should have Jesus Shore, where every day a group of ten men (because its not smart to put unmarried men and women together in the same house) play wholesome basketball without swearing, then go to afternoon mass at church together. Then they go to an evening social mixer to meet ladies where they can discuss the finer points of being a good Christian, where the jokes are wholesome and family friendly (well... an anti-Jew joke couldn't hurt here or there on some episodes).

BUUUTTT, since these type of shows don't exist, I will have to resort to WWE and Jersey Shore. Now I know that if we have to fight to defend myself, I should hit the guy and stomp my feet at the same time (with 90% of my force going into stomping my feet, and 10% to punching the guy). And according to Jersey Shore, this is how I should settle disputes with my wife.

By the way, Snookie was a wrestler at Wrestlemania.


J.Frosty said...

That cactus jack and triple H match was holy sh!t!


Jesus Shore

Willy Bob said...

Snookie on Wrestlemania?! What is the world coming to? lol Every time I think of John Cena, I think of Brian. lol