GmG- driving

Introducing a new section to BiA:

“You know what Grinds my Gears?” Or as I will refer to it from now on “GG”

This first edition is based on annoying things that happen when you’re driving, and these are actions that are legal but yet still douche in nature.

You want to turn right, but you’re second in the lane, it’s a red light, and the guy in front of you wants to go straight. GG

The ironic paradox that also grinds my gears: you’re still in the second lane on the right, but there’s green light and you want to go straight. But the guy in front of you wants to turn right and there’s some pedestrians preventing him from going. GG

At an intersection at night, you want to turn left and your side has a green light. However you can’t go because there’s a red arrow, preventing you from turning even though there’s no one on the other side for half a mile. GG

The ironic paradox: you’re on a busy street in an old area whose streets are not updated to modern traffic needs (ex: Chinatown, South Pasadena). Its rush hour and people want to get out of the traffic. Then there’s a jackass that wants to turn left when there’s no dedicated left turn lane, preventing the whole lane from moving. GG

People that go 65 mph in carpool lane. GG

Another left turn situation: you’re on a large street that has a dedicated left turn arrow. The left turn is isolated by an island that budges out, but this particular island only fits around five cars. However the green arrow light lasts long enough to let like eight cars go through. When you’re stuck before the island budge, by the time the straight green light comes for you to move into the left turn lane, the left arrow turns red. GG


Willy Bob said...

haha Glad to see you finished your first GG post! Good stuff!

J.Frosty said...


Khorn said...

I should do a section on Only In Nebraska.

It's a two lane dirt road and you're stuck behind a Tractor going 20 mph. You can't see nothing in front of you, because of all the dust and afraid to pass the tractor on the opposite lane, because you might get into a head-on collision.

Willy Bob said...

LOL Khoa!