Down to the Wire

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The NBA's last game of the regular season is today which means its also the last day of our fantasy basketball. I am in second place with a half point behind Aaron/Aaron's dad. The championship will be decided on the last day of games. In the ten years of fantasy basketball, I've never seen it come down to the last day. This will be epic.


J.Frosty said...


Willy Bob said...

Next year we need to keep Aaron's dad out of this. He's too good. haha

v-man said...

oh so thats how u shot up from the down belows and beat me. And aaron's dad was a little too good. I was beating him for a while tho

Mac OBryan said...

it wasn't just chris paul. if anything, dwayne wade did better and cp3 did worse after the trade.

it was getting awesome performances from my role players that pushed me up.

by the way, i didn't win. I came into the last day with 4 possible categories to help me win. Getting 2 would give me a tie, and 3 would help me win

1) getting pass Vianney with 3 pointers - it happened
2) getting pass Khoa with rebounds - did not happen
3) Vianney needing to score more than Aaron (did not happen, was like ten points short)
4) Andrew needing to get more steals than Aaron (did not happen, was two steals short)

Basically, I was two steals and ten points away from winning this thing. Gah.

Khorn said...

I finally know how to play about Mid March. By that time I was 5th place. I knew you wanted those rebound points, so I loaded my roster with big center guys for 3 weeks to catch up. I was hoping to get 1 point from assist, but Rondo decided not to play both Monday and Wednesday. :(