Patent Pending

While watching the Lakers play Game 5 against The Hornets last night, I had a lightbulb go off in my head.

Band-aids for dark-skinned peoples!

Kobe had a shot on his arm and the band-aid stuck out like a sore thumb. Had he been given a band-aid that was his color, I probably would not have noticed it as quickly. Yes, there are clear band-aids but the cotton/gauze in the middle of the band-aid is still visible against skin; they even show on me! I'm not trying to be racist, I'm saying those band-aids are racist! Catering to light-skinned people... shake my head! Now if you want to show off your battle wounds, then nvm and go right ahead hahah

You heard it here first! I'd like to claim intellectual property haha.
Would 401K and CP like to handle the logistics? We can go on Shark Tank and submit our idea! hahaha jk

Sidenote: being a sociology major, I WOULD make this into a social science issue LOL. Either way you see it, this can be seen as racist lol. The issue of "why wasn't my color made too?" or "why are band-aids discrimated against" come up. I can already imagine the commercials with a tagline:
"Brown band-aids for brown people"
Oh dear... I mean... ZING! lol


Willy Bob said...

lol Very interesting thought Mother Russia. Btw...thanks for looking out for my man, Kobe. ;)

J.Frosty said...

liquid bandages for black people =P

Khorn said...

Uhhh don't they make black color bandaid? They do have red and blue for kids. I'm sure someone already made a rainbow package consisting of shades that might match your skin. Or someone could use what research is out there for gecko or cuttlefish color changing defense mechanism to design a bandaid that matches whatever the bandaid color touches. Problem solve.

Mac OBryan said...

they do make different colors, but CC is asking why beige is the standard color. It may be because that color is what natural rubber looks like without color addition? so maybe its the cheapest to make

J.Frosty said...

pwned by money