new things that i like

1 - mc chicken with cheddar onion (its amazing and worth the extra 50 cents)

2 - maple and fruit oatmeal, also from mccdonalds (finally a healthy fastfood option)

3 - Law and Order - Los Angeles (i was flipping through channels and started watching it. It's a show with both detective work AND psychology AND legal stuff? They challenge you to think during the commercials because they show you everything they know as it happens. When the ending came I was like ooo man there were so many signs why didn't I see that ?? Man i didnt know shows like this existed! Also it's based in LA so I recognized random places in the episode.


by the way, the profile biographies for the new members are up


J.Frosty said...

i will try. nice bios, gonna work on a new layout this friday night!

Kittens with Mittens said...

I'm definitely trying the new mc chicken after reading your post Mac. I like Law and Order! It keeps you wondering until the very end =)

Mac OBryan said...

forgot to say that credit of the bios goes to willy bob!

Mother Russia said...

I am honored to be a part of Willy Bob's written masterpieces! :)