Fashion & Lifestyle for Ballers: Tips, Tricks, & Discussion [2]

I've changed my regular posting to once a week instead of twice. I was suppose to post yesterday, but didn't have time. So excuse my late blog for I'm nguoi Viet.

Topic #2 (Part 1 of 2): What color suits you? Black, Gray, or Navy?

Summer is almost here and weddings are starting to bloom all over the place. It's the day before the wedding and well your stuck with the boring white shirt tie combo. Not to mention, there are plenty of single girls at the wedding looking for guys to dance with. How do you make yourself look classy and ready to dance with, without looking like you just came from basketball practice? The answer: With a suit Sherlock.

Let's start with the basic Black Suit. Black is by far the most common color and every man should have one. Black is pretty much timeless, meaning 100 years from now it will still be the staple at most formal event (wedding & funeral) and even non formal event. Black goes with pretty much any color or pattern shirt and tie combo.

What about Navy? Well, it's very common and work best in an office environment. Recommend not getting this color if your not Mr. CEO.

Gray is also a good choice especially if it's a darker gray (charcoal), because it's very versatile and like black it can be worn with pretty much any occasion.

Only a few can pull these suit colors so don't try: Tan, White, Pink, Green, Purple, Crazy stripes etc. Just stick with the basic three color and you won't end up looking like Tommy Lee Jones.

I guess the only person that can wear any color suits is Tommy Lee Jones.



J.Frosty said...

don't hate on tommy lee, that old man is the only old man who can live in a country not for old men.

Black and Grey are good colors. I prefer black. doesn't show dirty as easily.

as for picking up girls at a wedding, find a vest/shirt/tie combo. if you get warm and have to take off the jacket, you're still looking fly like a g6 with that ballin' vest on

Silk yall!

Mac OBryan said...

good advice, i need a gray suit too.

and vests will always be in style too

Khorn said...

Yea I'm looking at getting a gray (charcoal) one as well. I didn't mention vest in the post, cause never own one. The same with Tux, which is too baller for me.