New Segment : Friday Flashback

As an attempt to put up regular things (like Sunday's WWITB) I am putting up random videos from my computer (which I have had since junior year of high school). Expect stories from my life every Friday. It's an easy way for me to provide material for at least this entire year.

This one is from my freshman year at UCLA during Halloween, where they bus in kids from south central LA so they can go trick or treating in the dorms (since it's kinda dangerous in their own community). It's one of the most fun parts of living at the UCLA dorms, after we entertain the kids, we go around to check all the other floors to see what they have. And some are INSANE. I remember the winner for one year was an infected laboratory with mad scientists and zombies. They had buzzing electrical sounds yellow/red light ambience. Anyway my floor's theme was castles and anything medieval, so we had people dressing up as knights, princesses, angels, devils, torturers (like my friends David and Duncan). I was "evil Homer".

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Willy Bob said...

How do angels and devils fit in with the medieval theme? haha Anyhow, great dancing and I'm jealous of that guy with the nice legs. lol

J.Frosty said...

that's awesome! For halloween at csula everyone left for the surrounding neighborhoods lol, our theme was "Ghost Town" ;)