Rosetta Stone For The Womanese Language II

Women use subtle hints to get what they want, but that doesn’t always work out when men are slow to catch on. So to help both sides of the gender divide, let us explore more into this ridiculous language spoken by women…

She says: Khoa…we need to go see that movie!

She means: I want to go see that movie and you better too!

She says: Do what you want Tony.

She means: The correct decision should be obvious by now or else you’ll pay for this later.

She says: I’m not emotional and I’m not overreacting, Jon!

She means: Damn it…I’m on my period!

She says: No, Mc Donalds is fine Bryan.

She means: You’re a cheap bastard.

She says: Joe… I’ll only take five minutes.

She means: 5 minutes equivalent in a football game.

She says: Do I look fat in this, Chris?

She means: You better reassure me that I’m not fat!

She says: Whatever.

She means: Screw you!

Here’s a question for you male ballers: After reading this, if a girl used these hints on you…would you brush them off because she is not straight forward in communication, or would you accommodate those hints?


J.Frosty said...

50/50, no guy likes beating around the bush, but for some odd reason, girls just can't say what they mean. compromise, you win some, you lose some but in the end it's neither win nor loss.

Bryan said...

men: try to be smart and decode the signals. but if you can't and she's going batshit crazy, just take it as an opportunity to be chivalrous when the woman is not being straightforward.

but please ladies, be as straightforward as possible. leave your pride out of it and accept that we aren't good with signals.

no one wins all the way, but meeting halfway is best way

CP said...

I say fight fire with fire! do the same bs back to her. Id think women want to understand exactly what the guy means more than the guy cares about what the girl is thinking about. I'd think it would drive the girl 100x times more crazy than when a girl does it to a guy.

Willy Bob said...

Chris, fighting fire with fire can go good or bad depending on the girl you're dealing with, but most likely it will drive her up the wall. lol