"You are only a failure if you do not meet your own expectations" This is something i truly believe in. About now, pretty much anyone close to me knows that I am pursuing a career in Law Enforcement. I WILL BECOME A POLICE OFFICER, there is no doubt about it, there is only the matter of when. It's funny but all these random visits from other priests into our church about becoming a priests have really helped me in my decision. Basically, take their entire speech and replace priest with police officer and that's exactly what i heard.    Interestingly enough I feel that it is what I was born to do and not just something I want to do, truly a soldier of God.

I know my calling in life and I will not give up and I will not fail.


Bryan said...

hypothetical questions:

1. someone is going 85 on the freeway. you pull him over. do you give a warning or give a ticket? does the answer change if he has a clean record or a record of racing?

2. a motorist wants to turn right, but there is a pedestrian crossing the street. the pedestrian is moving away from the driver. if the pedestrian crosses halfway (technically out of danger) and the car turns, do you pull the car over?

3. how much of a non-stop at a stop sign will be enough for a ticket? do they have to stop completely, or can they roll a little (1-5 mph) through the stop sign?

4. gangsters outnumber you in a fight (let's say 5 to 1), you are hiding behind your squad car and your partner is down. a brave civilian runs to your position. your car has an AR and a shotgun, do you let the civilian use one of the guns?

these questions will allow me to
1) support you fully
2) be neutral
3) wtf happened to you, you douchebag cop pig!

another random question:
likelihood of conceal carrying at church? assume no one would know either way.

J.Frosty said...

1. more than likely as I am starting out I will be more inclined to give him a ticket. Especially when i personally think there is no need to go above 80 unless passing a semi. It really depends on the traffic conditions. sports car vs suv makes no difference to me, however their record might tip the scale.

2. I would pull the car over and give a warning if i saw that the driver waited for the pedestrian to cross at least half way just to make sure he knows the rules.

3. I'd require at least 1 second of no movement followed by a delayed rolling start. If i see pedestrians or cars in the area I'm gonna have to ask for at least 2 seconds of no movement followed by a delayed rolling start.

4. lmao, only if it's you. as much as i would appreciate the help, i wouldn't want someone else getting into harms way.

lol idknow, i think i'd wear my vest everywhere before i took my gun everywhere. Think i could get my gun blessed for righteous shots?

CP said...

I dream is to become a federal agent (fully sworn "peace" officer) and even if I do become one I'd probably never come across the above situations, but for the fun of it I'd like to answer anyways...

1) It would depend on the way he drives. If it's just straight and not aggressively crossing lanes, I'd light him up and ask him to slow down, but would not pull him over.

2) I'd pull them over and run a search on the driver but let them off on a warning.

3) I'd pull over and issue ticket. When a driver roles the stop sign, they are never as careful as when they do a full stop. At least that's me when I do it.

4) No, that's a major liability for the PD. I'd take both guns and use them as needed plus now I have to project the civilian as well as my partner.