Living in the past, present, or future

In my class we had talked about time and it turns out, we almost never live in the present. We are always living in either the past or the future. We are always worried about what happened or what will happen. Where do you find yourself living most of the time? Are you one to dwell on the past or are you the master of your own destiny?

I find myself living in the future for the most part, whether or not I am looking to shape my destiny is another topic. I always find myself thinking about my life minutes to years from the present.

Challenge: Live in the present. Try to live one hour of your life NOT thinking about the past or the future. I've already failed several times lol


Willy Bob said...

I'm digging this philosophical side of you, Frosty! I feel like I'm living in the future as well. I'm so caught up with making sure I'm working towards a goal that I totally forget to embrace the journey along the way. Thanks for the reminder to stop and smell the roses!

Bryan said...

I found myself living in the past for awhile. But I've put it behind and I'm looking to the future while enjoying the present. I love it when I do things that relieve stress and really allow you to be in the present: things like playing basketball at the gym. When the ball is in your hands, you're having too much fun to be thinking about anything else :-)