Real Life "Role Models", okay not really

So I was working Sunday morning and looked across the street towards the park and saw all these Captain Jack Sparrow's taking pictures. Looked further down the park and saw a bunch of vikings standing together and taking their pictures. I was like hell ya I hope they battle it out like in the movie Role Models! I ran across the street to snap some pictures and unfortunately all they were doing was getting ready to play flag football "Captain Jack's vs. Vikings" version.

I have yet to watch the role models movie in its entirely, but I'm going to do it soon enough.


J.Frosty said...

lol would've been awesome if they did fight like role models. you should've worn a spacesuit and told them that they are all inferior

Bryan said...

I once saw something like this in Compton. One side was wearing red and the other side was wearing blue. They were a rowdy bunch.