TMLS - Music: The "Asian Dad" defuse kit

You know the "Asian Dad" of internet meme fame? The one that always expects you do be 100% or A+, etc. Although the meme is an exaggeration, it's not too far off. They don't want you wasting time on "useless" extracurriculars such as sports and acting. Why? Because it does not lead to good grades.

Well I thought about this and there is one thing that can help defuse the super competitive spirit of Asian Dad. It's music, particularly soulful instrumental music, like a piano or violin. Why else would these crazy Asian dads allow their kids to take up such a time consuming hobby? Music is pleasing to the ears and soothes the soul. Asian dads can stop asking their son "lam bac si chua?" and just enjoy life for the moment. I thank my lucky stars for that.

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