A Hello Kitty Adventure: The untold stories

*Years after the Umbrella Corporation lost control of Racoon City to the T-virus*
As i was taking a break after making my way
through the back country on my bike
I spotted a pack of undead making their way to me
So I quickly unlocked my Ca Legal AR15
and started unloading.
One, two, three, twenty, twenty one.
They just keep coming! *Click Click Click*
I'm out but I'm not done so I unholster my Sig
and continue to teach the dead that it's not ok to come back to life!
Twenty two quickly turns into forty three, There is no end!!
I'm running low, I'll probably run out soon.
Forty three, forty four, forty *click click*...
Is this it? Am I doomed to live the life of a flesh eating zombie?
*Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooom nig nig nig nig nig nig VRRRRRRRRR!*

A las....I am doomed

Just another Hello Kitty Adventure


Willy Bob said...

I would gladly own any of these items! <3

Mac OBryan said...

*drools over the motorcycle*

the amount of detail that went into the sig is amazing

what a great way to get a girl into mechanics and firearms! .... and uhhh cutting down trees and plowing farmland

v-man said...

maaan. hello kitty never realized the popularity she would get!