Post 301

McDonalds: noun (Mc-Dawn-nalds)
A super power with the amazing
ability to control how we feel.

McDonalds can you make you Mad:

McDonalds can make you break up with loved ones:

McDonalds can even make you Crazy:

I'm lovin' it =]


v-man said...

Great break up commercial. Its pretty great seeing mcdonald commercials in different languages (Viet ones are pretty funny too). Which reminds me, i havent had mcdonalds in a long time. Lets keep it that way...

Mac OBryan said...

easy to avoid fast food when theres a cafeteria available 24/7

lets see how you fare when you live in an apartment and tests are piling up :-)

dominos ftw!

v-man said...

Oh dont get me started on the saliva inducing dominoes (which i also havent had in a while). 24/7 cafeteria food sadly isnt to par with fast food. And unfortunately my desire for convenience and adaptable taste buds have left me going everyday to the cafeteria.