my guilty pleasure

Mac's top 3 Karaoke songs (this list may change in the future, but right now these are at the top). i came up with this post idea because last night, two out of these three songs were on the radio.

im not the type to sing along to modern songs on AMP or KIIS, i usually just nod my head to the beat. But if I'm listening to classics on KOST, you can bet I'm probably singing along to it in the car. they're generally slow songs, so you can pick up the lyrics quickly and follow along easily. and its songs about passion, you can put it your heart into it. why dont they make love songs like this anymore? Bruno Mars, you are the man for putting your soul into songs without fear of ridicule!

3) Journey - Faithfully

2) Chris de Burgh - Lady in Red

1) no brainer ... The Sexaphone ft. George Michael - Careless Whispers

man i shoulda grown up in the 80s, considering i dont only like these slow ballads but also the techno pop from that decade. and now for a tribute to the 80s:


J.Frosty said...

AHAH Cleveland!

Willy Bob said...

Careless Whispers...classic. I'm surprised you didn't list your dancing number to "Never gonna give you up...never gonna let you down..." lol

Mutha Russia said...

LOVEEEEEE your music choices Mac!!!

I was playing Faithfully on my ipod today and Jon made me forward it :(

Btw, all of us in n-krew should play Careless Whispers at each of our weddings :)