Something to laugh about

Wouldn't it be funny if Shaq, TMac, and Iverson joined together to make a old men's baller nba team? For those teams that saved up cap for Queen James, here their shot at getting 3 old baller players.

Sadly I think they would still have a better season record than my Clippers.

I think this is my second post and it took me over 10 minutes to figure out how to make a post.


Anh Di said...

Queen James.. hahaha

keep postin!

Anonymous said...

Center: Shaq
Point Guard: Jason Kidd
Shooting Guard: Iverson
Small Forward: TMac
Power Forward: Grant Hill

Still some money to get strongest 2nd & 3rd tier bench ever! XD

Mac OBryan said...

those 3 woulda been awesome back when they each commanded a double team.