My first Willy Bob style entry

Seven questions on Knotts

1) Who was the loudest person?
2) Who was the quietest person?
3) What was your favorite ride?
4) What was your most memorable memory of the day?
5) Who wasn't there that you wish was there the most?
6) Was there anyone you got to know better this weekend?
7) What could have made the day better?

My answers:

1) I can't remember anyone standing out too much, but the thing that stands out the most in my head is Lisa's laugh. It haunts me in my nightmares.
2) Cathy
3) Silver Bullet
4) The ride in the car with the guys. Also my cat and mouse game with Jon on the way to Huntingon Beach. Bastard wouldn't let me pull up to his side. All we wanted to do was throw cheeseburgers into his window.
5) Tony!
6) I got to know Chris better (Andy's cousin). I found out what kind of music he listens to cause his iPod was playing the entire car trip. He also slept at my house on Friday night so he found out how much of a gay time we have during sleep overs (gay means fun).
7) A bowl of pho after Knotts. Also Andy winning a jersey.


Willy Bob said...

Awesome set of questions Mac!

1) I'll agree and say myself. lol
2) Chris (Andy's cousin) since I personally didn't hear him talk all day.
3) Silver Bullet
4) Yelling racial comments on the log ride with Jon and Chris while V-man covered his ears in shame. haha
5) The Tonster!
6) Katrina...I see myself in her. =)
7) Andy getting a perfect score or getting wetter on the water rides!

J.Frosty said...

1. 2nd Bryan
2. 2nd Bryan
3. 2nd Bryan
4. 2nd Lisa
5. 2nd Bryan
6. Chris, but not in the same sense as Mac. I just got to hang out with him in a non TNTT setting which was nice. I'm glad he got a taste of our bromance. Maybe he'd like to join PP?
7. 2nd Bryan

401k said...

1. Loudest: Ceci.
2. Quietest: Cathy.
3. Fav Ride: Supreme Scream
4. Best Memory: Sitting at the top of Supreme Scream.
5. Missed: ThuyAnh :)
6. Got to know Rachel better. Now I know who she likes :p
7. Would be better if: we got to go on Ghostrider and the raft ride didn't smell like ass.

CP said...

1) Ceci.. so demanding! :)
2) Cathy wins!
3) Supreme Scream (1st timer)
4) Mi den comments with Lisa and Jon & I also liked charades
5) Nhi & Tony
6) Marcellin(brave girl)
7 More time at Knotts & the beach

v-man said...

1. Ceci
2. Cathy
3. Ghostrider (just remembering it is awesome)
4. Getting pissed off with my buds at the poor soul who denied us Ghostrider
5. Vincent
6. Ceci
7. A sudden people-vacuum that made everyone at Knott's (except us) disappear

Anh Di said...

1. Ceci
2. Chris/Cathy
3. Log Ride lmfao
4. that drop on excel
5. TA
6. CECI and LISA
7. Doing a lot better in basketball to show off for my peeps... and getting ghostrider over with for the first time even though I was relieved when everyone got kicked off.