Easy Mac: RSS feeds

The following receives BiA's Easy Mac stamp of approval

Did you ever wonder how you can keep up with all of your friends blogs (and comments) without going to their website? Also, sometimes people comment on old entries that you would never know about. But now the comments and posts come to you, not the other way around! I am introducing you to RSS feeds, which is basically like facebook's newsfeed, except you need to "friend" the blog first. I recommend using http://reader.google.com because most everyone has a google account.

So go the site, and log in with your gmail/blogspot account. When it loads, look at the top left of the webpage where it says Add a subscription and click on that button. Now you can copy and paste these feed links:


When you've added all of those links, you will get updates to all posts and comments on both blogs every time you check reader.google.com This will save you lots of time, and you won't have to go looking for new comments.


And the other Easy Mac tip of the day

Go to http://www.dailygospel.org/ and on the left you can subscribe for a daily email to get the day's readings. So simple I don't believe! I am going to make one million dolla. And when I do you gonna be what the hell? I don't believe.


Willy Bob said...

verdi naiiiice....i likeeeeee

Anh Di said...

what the hell? I dont believe