I'm In LA Trick!

…almost at least. Waiting for my connecting flight in Denver and thought what's a better way to spend my time than to post up questions for the week?! Here we go…

1) What was an awful dream that you remember?
2) Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
3) Would a fly without wings be called a walk?
4) What does your last text message say?
5) What was your first impression of the person who commented before you?
6) Do you usually shower in the morning or at night?
7) What did you want to be when you were a kid?
8) Name a song which you know all the lyrics to.
9) Spender or saver?
10) What do you have handy on your bedside?

Willy bob says…

1) My mom got kidnapped by Mexicans in a truck on Washington Blvd. =/
2) Nope…I usually slip them off.
3) Sure, why not?
4) "Barnicles. Lemme know what you're up to killa."
5) Since I’m starting, I’ll comment about the person who posted last - which was Mac. As a kid, he was a douchebag for making fun of me. After talking to him for the first time, I found him to be charming and easy to talk to. LOL
6) At night right before bed.
7) A teacher.
8) Tik Tok – Ke$ha lol
9) Spender =X
10) My glasses.

...and what about you?!


J.Frosty said...

1. Dad's Funeral
2. I only tie my ballin shoes
3. Yes
4. "And I smell like you, delicious."
5. She's a man!
6. Morning
7. White Ranger
8. Barney & Friends theme
9. Depending who, usually spender
10. A mag light

CP said...

1) Ceci doing all these nasty things to me :(
4)From Andy while he was in Palm Springs the home of the old and gays. Andy, "My faggot count: 6"
5)Jon as a kid, this guy is way too young but still hangs out with us.
6)Night, morning if I forgot to take a shower at night.
7)Fighter pilot
8)Angel by Shaggy? Most of it at least.
9) Saver until something like a AR-15 comes along then I spend like hell.
10) My Glock 23 40 cal. pistol in my safe 2 feet away from my bed. Plus my bible.

Anonymous said...

1. Running into my ex @ my worse.
2. Yes I do!
3. No. When I think of "A Walk To Remember" I don't think of a memorable fly w/o wings.
4. A picture of a girl I'm seeing. (: Before that "Anh oiiii! Tay sao anh chua txt em? Lol I miss u! Love u!" LOL she'd kill me if she knew I wrote this.
5. Mang that guy is cooler than ice. Wish he'd be friends with me. *sniff
6. Night. Hard nips from the night air makes night showers worth it.
7. Saving the Power Rangers from destruction by being the "Silver Ranger" and my buddy "the Majestic Stegasaurus!"
8. Ding Dong Song by Gunther!
9. Spender. USD is just debt on note anyways.
10. Flip-flops and a back scratcher.

Mac OBryan said...

1) I don't have good memories of nightmares, but I know there were at least a few with the Exorcist girl

2) Most of them yes

3) No

4)"Are you still in western? can you take the samples to the research building?" Damn it I wish I had something like Tony's.

5) Wish I could spit some game as well as him.

6) Both

7) Fighter pilot

8) Alleluia (advantage of being in choir yo)

9) I Save to Spend

10) A cell phone to call the police if bad guys come. A Sig-Sauer pistol if they don't come in time.

Anh Di said...

1. My entire family turning into zombies from being brainwashed by a TV show.
2. Vans dont need to get unlaced.
3. I think it's clever.
4. "ayyye duuude gyyyym"
5. I dont remember the first time, but the earliest was.. "wow you're 17? thats old" (when Bryan was a Ngia
6. During the school year, both, but if I go out that day I shower in the morning and at night.
7. A black NBA basketball player.. ohwait I still want to be..
8. "I love you" -Barney
9. Spender... unfortunately
10. my lotion and tissues! incase if my skin gets irritated at night or I wake up and cry from a nightmare. I swear.

Willy Bob said...

LOL Andy! I was waiting for one of you boys to list lotion and tissue.