One Heck of Saturday: A Review in Pictures and Videos

Before I get to this weekend's events, here's a video for all of us ballers and our fathers.

Our enemy at a distance of roughly 60 yards: a small figurine of Ho Chi Minh

The sniper: Rick Ba The "Flying Dutchman"

And the mission's results:

And now I say without much pride but with certainty that Rick is the best civilian marksman in all of the Netherlands.



I woke up and heard some loud sounds in my backyard and was afraid of something shady going down but I was relieved to see some professional construction workers laying concrete:

Jon had slept at my house on Friday night after the Mass at Aaron's house because we play basketball almost every Saturday morning at a park in Diamond Bar with some friends that are mostly Vietnamese. After basketball, Jon Rick Andrew and I went to go eat at Hometown Buffet, after debating it wasn't worth it to go to OutSource Buffet for 2 dollars cheaper. Besides, I'm not a fan of their fried chicken smothered in curry gravy. Restaurants like those are a sign of the changing times. Unfortunately for us, the minorities are moving into Rowland Heights and there's nothing us good folks can do about it... legally. Anyway, we were on the way to Wal-Mart to return our RedBox DVDs and to buy a large bundle of white sheets when we saw some gangsters.


We got scared so we went home for a nice nap. Jon went home (to pick up his new baby :-) Later Joe and Chris came over and we went to Speedzone.

Here's a pic before the action:

And here is a video of the action:
(You need to fast forward to 3:30 when it gets... interesting)

After Speedzone we went to go fly Chris' model plane. Here's a picture of Chris flying his place (notice the product placement):

When it got stuck in a tree, we were lucky to have Rick go climb and bring it down:

This is a video of a pro flying the plane:

This is a video of a noob flying the plane:

LOL CHRIS KISSING HIS PLANE !! Yes the video was legit, Rick lost the plane either in a huge parking lot, or the roof of stores, or Colima Rd. Whereever it was we could not find it. Although a security guard did find us snooping around. Surprisingly he just looked at us while passing on his bicycle and didn't say a word:

And finally, later that evening we decided to do some remodeling of my house by removing some old wood panels from the windows outside my room:

Yep, one hell of a Saturday.


J.Frosty said...

lmao you guys did a lot

Willy Bob said...

awesome detailed post! love how the professional construction workers wore sombreros. LOL

Anh Di said...

entertaining, love the videos

hahah rick keeps talking about the 4x4

we will get it rick..