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Mac O'Bryan, BIA

ROWLAND HEIGHTS, California -- Following last season's inaugural DBag clothing line model competition, the committee of douches(Austrian for board members) have found a worthy successor to "Pop Yo Collas Fo Dollas"

Grandmaster douche Hans Tonster had these comments "My Gott! This picture vas very very goot. Heil Lesbiens!"

The winner of the Ladies DBag Fall 2010 Collection competition is a picture from 401k titled "Hunnies with Bunnies". He was elated when he received the top prize of two tickets to Disneyland. "Do you know how expensive Disneyland tickets are now?" cried 401k with joy.

When interviewed for his source of inspiration, 401k replied: "Well I'm around guns alot, and one day my brother was running a home invasion simulation in his underwear when I realized that guns haven't really been used in fashion at all. And you know how strongly I am against overturning Proposition 8. This is what they will do if we give them any more human rights, like the right to own guns. Give them an inch and they'll want 8."

The runner up was a first time entry by rookie photographer Anh Di, with his piece "Chicks with D****"

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andrewhax said...

So? you can keep the 2nd amendment, but you cant keep your ammo!

Cecilia said...

I like this clothesline. Do you have a catalog that you can mail out?

J.Frosty said...

how much for the mp5, ammo belt, and yellow polo set up?

v-man said...

genius creativity!

Mac OBryan said...

the yellow polo is part of our superior douche collection. It will cost you $1,500 for everything. However you should also consider the purple polo package (made in Russia) because it is utterly dependable and will not malfunction.