Some more random questions

You been dancing with this person all night but when the lights come on..."JESUS!":
How do you tell that person you are no longer interested?

You get into a serious mambo line accident:
Would you rather be told you have a 1/5 or a 20% chance of living.

Jews take revenge on world with extreme prejudice against all races:
would you rather be the first to die or last one alive?

You get caught by rebel milita and are mistaken as deserter:
in exchange for your life would you rather lose your entire left arm or all the fingers on your right hand?
(Vice versa for left handed people)

The man who just saved your life is wanted for rape:
Do you let him go or report him?

You accidentally break your neighbor's window while you are playing connect 4, thankfully no one sees you:
Do you tell your neighbor or do you keep quiet?

Out of Mac, J.Frosty, or Tonster:
Name the order in which you would rescue out of a burning Spanish Galleon

You've won the lottery and are going to sponsor a fighter in Sheng Tsung's tournament. Mortal Kombat:
Do you sponsor Sub-Zero or Scorpion?

I say:
1. I have crabs
2. 1/5 sounds better to me for some reason
3. First to die with guns blazing, you wont take me easily Juden!
4. Take the fingers Captain Man!
5. Probably tell him he has 20 minutes before I report him
6. Tell my neighbor
7. J.Frosty, Mac, Tonster



Anonymous said...

1. "Bwaaah! I mean... I'm sorry, I no longer have a beavercoon in my pants. Good day ma'am" *walks away.
2. 20%. B/c I'm giving my other 4/5 to J. Frosty. *sniff!
3. Last one alive. I want to say something badass before I take the final fall. "Jew can take me alive, but Jew can't take my freedoms!"
4. All of my fingers on my left hand. B/c I'm so manly, I'll slap each and every rebel with my now-fingerless-left palm! Take that Norris!
5. Depends. Was I the victim!? Regardless, "We're even." Cue the scene from the Fast & the Furious when Brian let's Dominic go in the end.
6. I don't like my neighbor. I'm going to turn off my lights in my room and laugh @ him and his grassless lawn! muhahaha!
7. J.Frosty, Mac, Tonster (Mac needs to tell J. Frosty Tonster loves him. But J. Frosty needs to be somewhere else 1st. While he's gone Tonster will tell Mac before he gets saved. Plus someone needs to hold back the kraken!)
7. Sub-Zero. I need someone to cool my drinks!

Mac OBryan said...

1) Dang it I knew I shoulda taken two doses of Pepto-Bismol. Sorry gotta go!
2) 20%, it makes me think I can beat the odds. 1/5 makes me immediately think that 4 other people with the same disease are gonna die.
3) This is tough. I think I'd rather die sane so I'll go first. I'll go out there telling them that we both believe in Jesus and that Jesus wouldn't want them to do this like how he got crucified by those Israelites.
4) I'll keep the fingers on my right hand. This way I'll be able to write death messages to the rebels before I come in and kill them all with deadly pistol skills.
5) It really depends. I think I'd let him go initially.
6) tell him
7) J. Frosty, Mac, Tonster. No one's really more valuable, I just went with the children first rule.
8) SubZero, because theres a chance he may pay back your winnings if he wins the tournament. I think Scorpion will kill you after he wins the tournament just to tie up loose ends.

J.Frosty said...


andrewhax said...

only have comment on 2....

2) 1/5 because then i can go kill the other 4 people and end up living......:)

CP said...

1) nice dancing with you. im going to go back to my friends now
3)Last to die
4)all fingers. i assume that would hurt less
5)look the other way
6)tell them
7)Tonster, mac, j frosty. Pick is based on how i think the other guys ability to fight their way out
8)Scorpion, b/c he's scarier