Home alone with a lot of time means

Trouble for BiA =P

Well it is currently 8:13pm on this glorious Friday night. Other than Loki, I'm home all alone, but don't worry because I'm not lonely. I've got old Mossy and Mr. Jack Daniels to keep me company. HAHAHA sorry i just read that back and it sounds like a combination for trouble. But don't worry, it wont get to that because if things get boring I'll call up Senor Cuervo to entertain me, then it might get a little out of hand >=]

So!, what to talk about... it's been quite a few days since J.Frosty posted, so many things to talk about and so little time, well actually vice versa lol, not much to talk about at all!. Hmmm update on Loki: He's getting bigger and he loves the air vent when the air is on, i really hope Duarte allows pitbull mixes, i'd hate to have to put him down =[, No way could i find another dog and train him in time for the fight.? Just Kidding! I could easily find and train another dog!

Random: Went to target and bought about 80 dollars worth of dog stuff and got a coupon for some cat food... FK YOU TARGET! I thought this was great and i played with the cashier a little. I put on my super serious wtf face and was like "Awesome!, now i can buy a bunch of stuff for my... oh wait, this is a coupon for cats. yeah... uhm....But i mean, you didn't know... right? i mean you probably just forgot about all the dog stuff.... right there, all $80 worth of... dog stuff" lmfao so that was all BS, but seriously i couldn't help but smile and stare at her in disbelief when she handed it to me.

Update on my Life: Meh + 1

Jeez, i was hoping to pass some time by doing this but... it's only 8:20....
Alright, well update on school: I'm a 3rd year with only enough credits to be a 2nd year, but after this quarter i'll have enough to officially be a 3rd year. Kind of embarrassing but not really lol. I've fk'd around too much my first two years, BUT I don't regret it cause i had an absolute blast! party here and kick back there, never got in trouble, only failed 1 class i think? maybe two =X. MADE A LOT OF FRIENDS and i mean A LOT! Alright i didn't make any friends but hey! I still had a blast! ;] Anyways now it's time to do work, or at least more =P. Hopefully i can bring it to a 3.0 by the end of the year. Unfortunately i could not schedule my classes the way i'd like to so i don't know if i would be able to coach at my middle school. I'll probably have to ask to be an assistant =[. Next year!

Can't really talk about other stuff, wouldn't be appropriate for such a manly blog.
but... +!!!!!!!!!! ,,,,Jumping banjo loving Jebadiah +!!!!!!!!!!

Let's see. it's currently 8:30 and there isn't much left to bs about. IDLE...8:45, i feel like i'm part of an episode of 24, minus having my daughter constantly kidnapped or being shot at.. at all. IDLE....8:50, I'm finding it easier and easier every time to do perfect push ups. RECOMMENDED FOR ALL! I don't lift weights or take protein, all i do is push ups and most of them with the perfect push up system. Don't expect results immediately, but be ready for a surprise after maybe two weeks of dedication. The ladies will go buck wild for you!!!!! Outcomes may vary, no outcome guaranteed.

The Expendables Review
: Starring everyone but Norris, Segal, and Van Damme...fools. Easily a 10/10. WHAT A RIDICULOUSLY ENTERTAINING MOVIE. Enough testosterone for a year! Comes complete with "i don't think they set enough charges" and "wtf! Don't hit my woman. Byah Byah...Fatality, Flawless Victory, and fk your ball" scenes. WOOOOOO! This was legend... wait for it... dary. This movie gets the BiA Seal of approval and the someone fk'n pinch me pin.

Fin - 9:20

But don't be a dick and get sour because you want to do something ridiculous like play Rochambeau with 1911.



v-man said...

good luck with school! Im sure u'll tackle it with all the finesse of THE GENERAL

CP said...

jon dont forget what school you belong to. you gotta work extra hard bcuz of that.

J.Frosty said...

yeah yeah yeah, like i said i'm starting the engines now