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You and your friend try to stop an alley way brawl between a retard and a midget. They get mad at your interference, team up, and attack you guys.

Would you rather fight the retard or the midget?

Hands down, I'd fight the midget. Fighting a midget would be like fighting a dog, they have to fight you from the waste down and hopefully bring you down to work on the upper body. Retards on the other hand are borderline superheroes, they can harness the power of 10 men! Some of you might be thinking "Don't call them retards, they prefer Mentally Handicapped". But there is nothing handicapped about them! I say we call them Mentally Caged. It's true! there's just an angry Schwarzenegger locked up in every one of them waiting to be unleashed.
I compare the Mentally Caged to the Hulk, when they're calm they're very friendly and approachable (well not that i'd just walk up to a mentally caged person and all, i mean i don't want to catch it) but when they get angry... Grab the gun or Get out of the way!. Give them the ability to communicate or use reasoning and we're screwed! So in conclusion, I'd fight the midget. I rather cover the balls then risk fighting the hulk. HULK SMASH!

Yeah, i know i'm burning for this but LMFAO


CP said...

id fight the retard. if he knows how to fight hes not that retarded. Fighting to midget isn't fair.

Anh Di said...

1 answer and 1 question

I'd fight the retard, midgets are intimidating and they are coordinated and do damage. retards are just ambitions. dont you remember gary coleman from Chapelle's show?!


Mac OBryan said...

For honor I'd rather not fight the midget. But to survive I'd rather fight the midget.

But if I HAD to get into a gunfight with either of them, def retard. It's probably really hard to hit a midget.