Superior Vs Douche

Another segment of

No, it's not about me ;P

Here's the clip. Professional poker players duke it out and both go all in.
The rest you will have to watch to find out.

Lol, i thought it was pretty entertaining,
"Come on Russian, Get out! It's time to go"
So which is it? Superior or Douche?

Feel the Paower! Can you feel my paower baby? -J.frosty


J.Frosty said...

Here's my answer:

I feel like he was superior up until the point where he won. He was a master at luring in the other guy but as soon as he won and the post game celebration started he got out of hand. all in all i think he gets the Douche stamp

Mac OBryan said...

yep, superior until he won. trash talking is useful to lure people in or force them to make irrational decisions. after you win theres no point to stick it to them. douche

he shoulda added some Aussie things like

"criickey! your cards were a load of crock! Someone's missing a couple boomerangs eh mate? It's like the dingo ate your brain! Tough luck, no more shrimps on the barbie for you Rooskie"

Mother Russia said...